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The history of Mobil in Time AG

The success story of Mobil in Time is characterized by pioneering spirit, innovation and significant milestones that have led to lasting changes in the industry. The two founders, Marcel Ginter and Fabio Doriguzzi, were instrumental in professionalizing the mobile energy business. With standardized products, they have made mobile energy suitable for the masses. First in the 90s in Germany and Austria, from 2007 with Mobil in Time AG also in Switzerland.

2007: Foundation of Mobil in Time AG, Switzerland
The two company founders Marcel Ginter and Fabio Doriguzzi lay the foundation for a successful company history. Mobil in Time launches the "Energy Guarantee", an innovative solution that meets the pulse of the times. Thanks to the redundancy of heat or cold on demand, energy suppliers, industrial customers, property administrations, etc., receive a mobile refrigeration or heating centre within a contractually agreed period, in any case. 

In addition to the energy guarantee, Mobil in Time was also the first provider in Switzerland to launch mobile rental refrigeration. To date, Mobil in Time is the only well-known lessor of mobile chillers and air conditioning systems in Switzerland with its own fleet of systems and specialist personnel. 

2012: Foundation of Mobil in Time (Germany) GmbH
With the foundation of Mobil in Time (Deutschland) GmbH with headquarters in Aach and a branch in Heilbronn, the company succeeds in entering the important German market. Also in Aach, mobile central heating units and electric heaters are manufactured for the group's own requirements as well as for third-party customers.

2014: Foundation of Mobil in Time (Austria) GmbH
The company continues to grow and a new company is founded in Austria. This makes Mobil in Time the first provider of mobile rental energy with branches in all German-speaking countries.

2014: Opening of the competence centre for mobile energy (KmE) in Diessenhofen, Switzerland.
The rapid growth required more and more space for modern workplaces as well as workshop and storage areas. In 2014, Mobil in Time opened Europe's first competence centre for mobile energy. In the new building at the new company headquarters in Diessenhofen, the know-how and expertise from decades of experience has since been pooled at one location. Engineering, plant technology, service organisation, sales and disposition work hand in hand here.

2015: Market launch Pellfix®
This year, Mobil in Time presents the new heart of ECOline: the Pellfix® - a mobile and CO2-neutral pellet-based hot-air heating system designed in-house. This hot-air heating system, which is powered by renewable energy, also makes it possible to enter two new business fields: Event and construction heating.

2017: 10 years of Mobil in Time AG
In August 2017 Mobil in Time can celebrate its 10th anniversary. In the meantime, the equipment park comprises over 700 rental items and around 45 employees ensure satisfied customers. Mobil in Time can proudly call itself number 1 in the rental of mobile energy in Switzerland.

2019: new major shareholders and foundation of MiT Energie Holding AG
In order for Mobil in Time to continue to develop and grow in the coming years, the two founders decide to transfer the majority of shares in Mobil in Time to new hands. A group of investors represented by the multi-family office "Verium" acquires the majority of Mobil in Time. At the same time, MiT Energie Holding AG is founded as the new parent company and the former competitor "S&G mobile Heizzentrale AG" is incorporated. 

The two founders, Marcel Ginter and Fabio Doriguzzi, hold a significant stake in MiT Energie Holding AG and continue to be associated with Mobil in Time via their roles on the Board of Directors.

Since the entire management as well as other executives are also involved in MiT Energie Holding AG, continuity is also guaranteed in the operational management.

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The two founders of Mobil in Time, Marcel Ginter and Fabio Doriguzzi, can look back on a very successful company history.



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