Compentence Centre for Mobile Energy

A Place of Innovation.

The first European competence centre for mobile energy.

Conceived as a vision of a central platform and centre for this branch of the industry, Mobil in Time® pools the know-how and specialist knowledge drawn from tens of years of experience at one location to form the first competence centre for mobile energy across the whole of Europe. At the centre, engineering, systems engineering, service organisation and supply management work hand in hand, while quality management ensures that the highest standards are observed during production and order fulfilment. Quality and innovation are, next to a broad range of products and excellent service around the product, the key words which make us who we are.

Mobil in Time® is the leading hiring specialist in the whole of Europe and brings together the three competence fields cooling, heating and steam under one roof. Behind each of these individual fields are proven specialists with specialist knowledge. Our competence centre provides these specialists with the means to service, store and manufacture the mobile energy systems. A test stand for cooling (up to 1.2 megawatts) and heating (up to 2.5 megawatts ) allows the systems to be tested under real conditions.

Facts and figures

  • Completed in February 2014
  • 850 sq m office areas
  • 1600 sq m factory workshop
  • 5,650 sq m premises
  • Cooling test stand up to 1.2 MW
  • Heating test stand up to 2.5 MW

The professional advice during the preliminary stages, 24/7 technical support and professional support over the whole hiring period take place in close contact with all other departments. We live a central organisation geared to the values quality and customer satisfaction.

Being an innovative company, we at Mobil in Time® are oriented to progress. With reliable and goal orientated partners like Weishaupt and Hoval at our side, we develop environmentally-friendly, cost-effective and efficient mobile solutions fit for the future. Norms, regulations and codes also play an integral part. By remaining in constant close contact and exchanging information with relevant market partners, we determine where gaps exist and, where necessary, new safety standards and norms need to be defined in our ongoing effort to improve our services. In addition to all this, specialists in cooling, heating and steam technology as well as in KV-Bereich receive their training here. Regular training courses in the most important areas of mobile energy technology, as well as talks to customers, partners and experts on current topics associated with our fields, complement our range of services.

Your benefits

  • Realisation of large-scale projects
  • Professional advice beforehand
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Customer care during the entire hiring period
  • Reliable after sales service
  • Straightforward processes and procedures


Mobil in Time – the service provider you can build on. We provide mobile energy systems in all shapes and sizes.

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Maintenance and Service

Mobil in Time makes sure your stock is ship-shape. Service for a fixed price. Mobile electric heaters in tip-top condition. Optimum maintenance for full performance.

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