So you think green?

So do we.

The ECOline series from Mobil in Time sets new standards in the field of mobile energy. The ECOline concept defines vision and strategy. The green label informs you about products that use only state-of-the art, green technology. The products in the ECOline series can either be used in combination with our standard models or as a new and modern alternative

The ECOline series comprises a range of especially environmentally-friendly products. With this series, we have set ourselves the target of reducing the impact on the environment in the field of mobile energy to a minimum while at the same time maximising energy efficiency. This leads us to develop technologies and produce systems which allow us to use mobile energy with a clean conscience.

Behind the brand name ECOline lies a trailblazing, pioneering spirit and over 25 years of experience in the development and production of mobile energy solutions. Tried and trusted company values like quality, safety and reliability shape the way we work. We are geared to innovations and progress.

Look out for the green ECOline label on our website. This will guide you directly to the environmentally-friendly alternative among our products. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the ECOline series. We are happy to advise you.


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