Drying - Ventilation Unit

Ventilation unit AH 20

Technical Specifications

The ventilation unit AH 20 compact warm air heaters can be used quickly and flexibly while work is being carried out on construction sites or in the field of event management. The electric fan heaters are controlled via a thermostat which is mounted on the back of the unit. Multiple units can be easily combined with our Mobil in Time system distributors to form exceptionally effective heating groups.


  • Can be used for edificial heating / drying or an event heating
  • Quickly ready for-operation
  • Easy self-assembly
  • Lockable
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Technical Specifications

Thermostat Yes
Dimensions L x W x H mm 700 x 620 x 460
Weight kg 35
Leistung Stufe 1 kW 10 kW (bei 90/70°C, Lufteintrittstemp. 0°C, Luftaustrittstemp. 44°C
Leistung Stufe 2 kW 15 kW (bei 90/70°C, Lufteintrittstemp. 0°C, Luftaustrittstemp. 36°C
Leistung Stufe 3 kW 20 kW (bei 90/70°C, Lufteintrittstemp. 0°C, Luftaustrittstemp. 29°C
Motorleistung Stufe max. (230V / 10A) kW 0,13
Stromaufnahme Stufe max. (230V / 10A) A 0,54
Power connection 10A/230V/50Hz
Stufen 3
Wurfweite max. m 14
Schalldruckpegel Stufe 1/2/3 db(A) 29/42/53
Volumenstrom Stufe 1/2/3 m³/h 700/1200/2000
Hydraulischer Durchfluss Stufe 1/2/3 m³/h 0,5/0,7/0,9
Druckverlust im Wärmetauscher Stufe 1/2/3 kPa 4,0/7,7/13,6
Anschlusskupplung Camlock
Subject to technical changes

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